Club History

The Mustang Club of Greater Kansas City was formed in late 1984 by a small group of Mustang enthusiasts in the suburban Johnson County, Kansas, area who saw the need for such an organization in that part of the city. In January 1985, the new group enacted its bylaws and held its first election of officers, thus establishing itself as a full-fledged organization. (The club was originally named the Vintage Mustang Club of Kansas City, and over the years, members had to explain that our club was open to all Mustang owners, not just those that owned “Vintage” cars. In 2008, the club voted to change our name to the Mustang Club of Greater Kansas City so as to shed that stigma.)

The club was an immediate success and in 1986, we established our regional affiliation with the Mustang Club of America (MCA). Since then, we have steadily increased our range of activities and our membership has grown from that original 10 to as many as 160 families. Today the club is widely known as one of the largest and most active Mustang clubs in the country.

We have been called a support group for Mustang junkies and there may be some truth to that. Our real objective is three-fold: first, to promote the ownership and preservation of Ford Mustangs and Shelbys, particularly among the general public; second, to provide an educational forum for the exchange of technical advice and assistance in the purchase, maintenance and restoration of these cars; and third, to generate a spirit of fellowship among Mustang enthusiasts in the Kansas City and surrounding areas.

The club schedules a number of social and educational activities during the year and participates in most of the Mustang and other car shows throughout the region. The largest event of our year is our regional Mustang car show and swap meet. The two-day event is normally held in mid summer, attracting more than 100 top-quality Mustangs and Shelbys from across a wide region. Periodically, our club hosts an MCA National Show, which can draw more than 300 cars from throughout the United States and Canada. In 2001, the club was proud to host the MCA Grand National Show, and more recently, hosted an MCA National Show in 2005.

The Club has established and maintains good relations with many other Mustang clubs. One of these is Kansas City’s other Mustang club, Mid-America Mustangers who share representation of the Kansas City Region of the Mustang Club of America with the Mustang Club of Greater Kansas City.

Membership is open to any and all Mustang enthusiasts, regardless of residence. Whether you own a show car, daily driver, project car or no Mustang at all–our only requirement is an interest in the Mustang and an enthusiasm for what the club is doing.

We’re all proud of our club and know that those who take an active part add immensely to their pleasure and enjoyment of Mustangs. And that, after all, is why we came together in the first place.