On occasion, we have clinics of one type or another to help educate members on different topics, some on a regular basis, and some at the suggestion of our membership. Any member can suggest or organize a presentation or clinic as deemed necessary, so some of these clinics are sporadic in nature.

Judging Clinics

Each year, before our annual show, our Head Judge, Jack Bosic schedules a judging clinic at a Cruise Night or at a members home which allows members not familiar with the judging process to get exposure to the rules.


This accomplishes two results. First, it allows members to become acquainted with the judging process so that they can assist in judging our show. And secondly, it allows members to get exposure on what judges look for when judging cars so that their own cars can fare better at the show.

This is beneficial to the club and to our members and it is an excellent way to get involved.

Detailing Clinics

On occasion, we will have a detailing clinic, where members get together and look at a car that is a good example of a well restored and detailed car. Tips and techniques are given that allow members to preserve their cars appearance concerning both restoration and cleanliness. Tips such as the recreating the right factory paint finish, and matching factory paint for touchups to the use of phosphate and oil for an exact factory match are discussed. In addition, demonstrations are also given on the use of maintenance products such as buffers and polishing creams and favorite products to maintain your cars paint.

This is also a good opportunity to see a car up on a lift to observe the detail that is given to the undercarriage of a car.