About Us

The Mustang Club of Greater Kansas City, Inc., (formerly the Vintage Mustang Club of Kansas City) is a non-profit Kansas corporation dedicated to the preservation, restoration and enjoyment of the Ford Mustang and Shelby Mustang automobiles. Our club recognizes Mustangs of all model years in every state of repair.

What we are all about…

Our club members enjoy everything Mustang, from the old to the new; every body style is represented in the club. Our activities start with our monthly meetings where we discuss the business of the club such as our Annual ShowOther ShowsCruise NightsSocial Events, and Racing Events around the Kansas City metropolitan area.

Of course, no gathering would be complete without some talk of the latest restoration and tech projects or parts gathering missions associated with our hobby. Our meetings normally last at least an hour after our business is conducted, while we meet in the parking lot talking about and admiring each others cars…

General meetings of the Mustang Club of Greater Kansas City are held at 5:00 PM on the third Sunday of each month with exceptions for our Pool Party in July, Annual Picnic in September, and Christmas Party in December. The meetings are held at Bristol Hill United Methodist Church, 4826 County Line Road, Kansas City, KS 66106. For a complete list of meeting dates, see the Club Calendar.

Why join a club?

Granted, clubs aren’t for everyone, but why drive alone? Our club is full of wonderful people who love Mustangs just as much as you do! When you join a club, you get to take advantage of years of networking and experience by other members that are invaluable tools to broaden one’s knowledge and love for our cars. We also have events that are exclusively put on for our members such as our annual Christmas Party and other fun events.  The people add an extra dimension to our hobby that simply driving a car cannot give. Take the opportunity to make friends and join us today! Not convinced? Surf this site and see the fun you’re missing!