How To’s

All of us remember “show and tell” in grade school, right? Well, we reserve time in our meeting so that we can do show and tell and ask tech questions about our cars so that members can share their experiences and be in an environment where questions are welcome. Sure, sometimes it is better to get someone one-on-one after the meeting, but it is best to share knowledge with others.

Looking at a die cast car

This show and tell can be about anything, from your latest die-cast car, to a demonstration on how to convert spring perches to use roller bearings, to a newly restored steering wheel. You name it, if you think it is of interest, bring it to the meeting and share!

We also do presentations from local businesses such as the local media blaster, suppliers of garage organization products, local restorers and other topics pertinent to our hobby. The board of directors of the club is happy to work with businesses to arrange time at our meeting to become familiar with products that may be of benefit to our membership.

On a regular basis, we have presentations of the latest drawings of one of our members, Jim Gerdom who sells his art through his website and is a regular vendor at our show and other shows around town.